India is home to many National parks and Wildlife sanctuaries within diversity of its wildlife, much of its unique fauna and excels in the range. There are 89 national parks, 13 Bio reserves and 400+ wildlife sanctuaries across India are the best places to go to for a visual treat of tigers, lions, elephants, rhinoceros, birds, and even more which reflect the importance that the country places on nature and wildlife conservation.

Our wildlife tours offer unparalleled excitement, unforgettable journey and nature tours that you can enjoy everlastingly. If you'd plan a trip for yourself, your family, or a group of friends the Wildlife Mantra can help you from beginning to end.

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Some very rare footage, some unforgettable moments, some lifetime experiences and some that we just like.

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Tiger Reserves

Tiger reserves in India are governed by the Project Tiger (1973) which was formed by Indira Gandhi to save the species of tiger, India's national animal, is a symbol that is an intrinsic part of our culture. India is the best place on this earth to Experience the World of Tigers in its Natural habitats. Today India has more than 80 national parks and 441 Sanctuaries of which some have been declared as Tiger reserves by the government of India under the Project Tiger Scheme.

Tiger Reserves

Wildlife & Birding

Design is our forte and we specialize in designing exquisite Wildlife experiences across the world, some of which you may have never heard of or experienced before. These could be some birding hot-spots around the country or could...

Wildlife & Birding

Your Wild Stay Option

The Top wildlife stay places in India offers you a comfortable stay while you visit the various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks across the country. There is a plethora of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India, where you can witness several exotic flora and fauna. Different kinds of birds, animals, and flowers adorn the host of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India.

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